How I safekeep my postcards

So how do I safekeep my postcards?

When the mailed postcards started to arrive, my main problem then was how to store them in a way that the integrity of the postcards will not be affected. I do not want to just stack them in a box. I want them to be readily viewable, and both of the sides readable.

At first, I thought of using self-adhesive photo albums. But I disregarded the idea because once the postcard is adhered to the album, the back part is not viewable anymore.  Another thing is that the adhesive will damage the postcard should you take it out of the album.

Another possibility that came to my mind was using a typical photo album that has uniform compartments where you slide in the photos. Later, I realized that postcards have different sizes. So eventually, like the first one, I junked this option also.

Finally, I decided to use transparent perforated plastic document bags. In this manner, the postcards in these bags will be protected from dirty hands, fingerprints, liquid spills and others. One major advantage of using these bags is that you can view clearly the front and back sides of the postcard without damaging it’s integrity. However, another problem surfaced –  how do I hold the postcards in place inside the bags?.

One time at work, while I was donning my lab gown , I pushed the prym ends together. At that moment, I know that I had found the solution to my problem – use a set of prym to hold the postcards in place.

So now I store my postcards inside a transparent perforated plastic document bag held in place by a set of pryms. These are then filed in a plastic ring binder file folder with a sliding plastic ring binder.

To add more, sentimental value to the postcards, I also keep with it picture/s of the sender. 




And before I forget, I have a  postcard logbook where I write the details and comments about the cards. Details include the date or arrival, the name of the sender,a designated code etc.


For more detailed instruction on safekeeping postcards, please click the link below.

Postcard Safekeeping Instruction




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