Bienvenidos! Welcome! Bienvenue!

This blog is all about my postcard collection. It tells you why I collect postcards, how I collect postcards and how I safekeep them. Some of the postcards from my collection are shown here.

All the postcards in this blog are mailed unless otherwise stated. Postcards of the Philippines and Saudi Arabia are bought from bookstores by the blogger. Those from Saudi Arabia constitute part of the blogger’s collection. Those from the Philippines are mailed to other postcard enthusiasts or friends. However, they are still posted here for tourism purposes.

To an ordinary person, this could just be another blog.

To a postcard collector like my myself, this blog could be a piece of heaven.

To me, this blog is a manifestation of love and thoughtfulness of the postcard senders – relatives, friends and other postcard enthusiasts – who took the time to buy postcards, wrote a greeting and send/give them.  Hence, a BIG THANK YOU SHOUT OUT goes out to them.

So please enjoy browsing.

PS. I would truly like to read your comments about my blog. GRACIAS!




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