How I collect postcards?

How do you collect postcards?”  is what people usually ask. Normally, I would answer “Through people mailing me postcards.” But I think that a better inquiry would be “Who sends you postcards?”

Generally there are three (3)  groups of senders who mail me postcards: (1) senders that I personally know, (2) senders that I know, and (3) random senders.

Senders that I personally know” includes family, relatives, friends, work colleagues, etc.

Senders that I know” constitute my “trustworthy” chat friends. I am an active chatter in various social media and I usually befriend the goods ones. I quoted trustworthy because one should not easily disclose to anyone online his/her name and mailing address. I give my mailing details only when I have seen the person on cam and saw his/her “official” pages in social media. More importantly, trust must be established before I disclose my mailing details.

Random senders” are those that I made contact or who have contacted me thru different postcard exhange websites and postcard groups in various social media. I always ensure that the person contacting me or who I made contact with has a legitimate profile and has good/positive reviews on that platform.

Senders mail me postcards when they go to trips for vacation or business. At times, I asked them to mail a postcard when I get to know about their whereabouts abroad. In certain cases, they just mail them as a surprise.

I have a friend who continuously mail me postcards. And for that, I have one album dedicated to all the postcards that he have mailed.

Whenever I receive postcards, I never forget to I thank the sender even if he is a random one. At times, I also mail a postcard to the sender as a gesture of gratefulness.



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