Lebanon maybe a small country in the Middle East but it has a very rich and colorful history dating back to the times before Jesus Christ. The name “LEBANON” appears 77 times in the Old Testament of the Bible.

The alphabet, the navigation techniques, the purple dye and glass making are some of the contributions of the ancient Phoenician communities (along the coastline Lebanon, Syria and Israel) to the modern Western culture.

Interestingly, Lebanon:

  1. has the oldest continuously living city in the world.
  2. is the country where the first law school was established.
  3. has one of its cities voted as the New7Wonder Cities of the world; and,
  4. the country where Jesus Christ, accordingly to Christianity, made his first miracle

Please click on the following to view the postcards from this amazing country:

Beirut, Lebanon

Sidon, Lebanon

Byblos, Lebanon



Disclaimer: The Lebanese Flag is downloaded from shutterstock. 



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