Sidon, Lebanon


Sidon, also known as Saida, is the third largest city of Lebanon. It is a port city and is a thriving fishing community. In Greek, “Sidon” means “fishery.”

Sidon is considered the ‘seat’ of the Phoenician Civilization in that most of the ships which would ply the seas and spread Phoenician culture were launched from this city’s port. Sidon was overthrown during the conquest of Phoenicia by Alexander the Great in 332 BCE and, like the rest of the fractured Phoenician civilization, was eventually absorbed by Rome and, finally, taken by the Arab Muslims.” – Ancient History Encyclopedia

According to Christianity, Jesus Christ made his first miracle in Sidon by turning water into wine. Furthermore, the city is believed to have been founded by Zidon, the eldest son of Canaan and the grandson of Noah.








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