Why I collect and mail postcards?

As you can read in my “About the Blogger” page, I started collecting postcards when traveling was far-fetched due to financial constraints. And, I really wanted to “see the world.” Hence, postcards came to mind.

Aside from the aforementioned, I have other reasons why I collect and mail (exchange) postcards:

  1. Postcards are tangible emblems of thoughtfulness and love. I believe that they were mailed with fondest thoughts of me.
  2. Postcards, letters and mails have “sentimental value” unlike emails and electronic messages. You can keep, touch, feel and smell postcards, letters and mails.
  3. Postcards are tangible representation of a good friend far away. Most of my postcards are sent by chatmates – many of whom I have never met. It is a physical way of saying “Hey friend, I exists.”
  4. Postcards are tourism ambassadors. The receivers will get a glimpse of what my city and country has to offer to a probable tourist – culture, history, beaches, mountains, activities, tourism sites and many others; and,
  5. Postcards help keep the local post office in business and help keep the postman’s job.

So now you know why I collect and mail postcards hehehe….


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